Thursday, April 15, 2010

seriously random and hormonal

Today is a hormonally charged day. Nothing has gone wrong and in fact most things have been pretty good today.. but whoa my emotions are UP and DOWN.....

All I wanted was homemade chocolate chip cookies today.. in fact a co-worker had once brought me banana choc chip cookies and it's all I could think about. I looked forward to baking them tonight.. and then you wouldn't believe it.. no chocolate chips.. a whole pantry torn upside down and still no little dark morsels of chocolate.

Things with the nursery are coming along.. well almost. The dresser refinish project turned out to be a bit bigger than we anticipated.. Dave thinks he will work on it some more tomorrow.
I want to get it in there so I can start removing the random piles of stuff that are accumulating around my house. Why is it that you never get baby showers or gifts after the first pregnancy?? I mean are showers and stuff not meant to celebrate the baby?? Does the second, third, fourth and so on not deserve showering?? There are a bunch more things I need for the baby yet. Just a thought??
I went through my stuff the other day and realized I do not have many baby clothes.. I borrowed most of everything last time. I pre shopped a garage sale the other day and got a bunch of baby stuff which was nice.

In good news Dave is done school.. that was the longest 9 weeks ever.. emotionally and mentally it was stressful. We are thankful it's over and we can try to get back to normal around here. Only one more level left and we are DONE!!

Totally random.


Stacey said...

What else do you need Heather? I'm sure I would have a few things to pass on. As for baby showers, our church throws one for every baby, no matter if it's your first or fourth. Love it! It's so nice to feel special for an evening :) I really don't understand why it isn't more common. I agree that each baby should be celebrated.

Justina said...

I agree! All babies are special and deserve special things....and so does mama=) Maybe someone should post an online shower for you...just a thought. I'd love to see your wishlist and I am sure others would be thrilled to get a special baby a special gift=)