Friday, April 23, 2010

thankful for FRIDAY's

I am so glad it's Friday. I just feel so tired this week. I keep reminding Dave that I am growing a human being. Today was pretty good... It started off really good for this guy..

This guy on the other hand had a rough start. There were numerous tantrums well before we left the house. It's been hard for us this week.

We spend alot of time doing this...

I occasionally treat myself to this... truth be told. I got a GC for Admin Professionals Day :)
Medium Black Coffee - always.

Work was good... I was blown away when a friend came in and gave me a plate of treats cause God had put me on her heart.. it was amazing. And not only a plate of treats but chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese inside - OH MAN SO GOOD!!

I picked the boys up and we had a quiet time... I spent an hour reading on my new pallet bed in my sunny nook and they came out and played for a little while... Noah started complaining of not feeling well...

Ari played...

While Noah fell asleep on the couch.. he was not feeling good. He slept for awhile, got up and puked all over my couch. Gross... think he felt much better after.

After supper I went to town to pick up groceries.. I hadn't bought any this last week... we are hosting a big dinner party here tomorrow night so I had things to get.

We had a bath - the boys were filthy after playing outside and riding the lawn mower with Dave. Now I am once again carassing a Root Beer and handing out with Dave.
See ya tomorrow!


Lydia said...

Sounds like you had a busy week! Love the daily journal thing. Hope you can rest up this weekend! Love you

Tam said...

it's always hard to have a sick boy:( Hope he's feeling better. Enjoy your weekend!

Jeff and Melissa said...

eww, couch puke.
hope he's feeling better!
and h... get some rest you crazy lady... you do too much!


Holly said...

i know i already said this, but this week had been way more fun with a peek into yours!!