Thursday, April 29, 2010

some new faves

I am still working on that nursery post.. not sure if your still reading but it's coming. I have been busy editing and prepping my Week in the Life photos - hoping to get a bunch of that done this weekend. I will post the finished product.

It is raining and so lovely outside. I wanted to share some of my favorite new things.. etsy style. Some days I could wander there for hours.

Replicca had a shop update and there is a version of this in grey with black stripes - LOVE!!!


Jeff and Melissa said...

I'm waiting! So excited to see the finished product.

(love the owl picture thingy... super cute!)

carol said...

Love that blankie!!!! That is super cute! Waiting impatiently for the nursery reveal!!!! :-)

carly smith said...

i love WHO you are :) totally cute pics heath