Thursday, April 22, 2010

oh thursday

whew! that was a busy one. I left the house at 8:15am and got home at 10:00pm.

morning was normal routine... i barely took any pictures till later on.. just too much. after work i picked the boys up and we headed over to the midwives. I met with a different midwife today.. just to circulate in case mine is off when I go into labor. I am planning a homebirth so at least two midwives will be there. It was a good visit. I only gained a pound which made me happy and I am measuring right on track.. this is me at 30 weeks. only 10 more to go!! how crazy is that??!!

After we headed to my mom's.. a good friend gave me a gift certificate to have my house cleaned... oh the blissful luxury!! it felt so nice to know my house was being taken care of. so spent the afternoon at my mom's... again we played chalk and jumped on the jumpoline at the neighbors. It was hard afternoon... Ari was so over tired it was unbearable.

At 5:15 my my and I left in their convertible for Boston Pizza to meet up with Crystal, Lisa and Auntie Marlene for a birthday supper for the lovely Lisa. It was YUMMY. Bruschetta pizza makes me H-A-P-P-Y!!

I love love these girls.. so much!

We then took in the local theatre's production of Steel Magnolia's. I had taken a part in this show back in December and then dropped out after realizing it would be too much. It was so well done. Amazing. I was so thankful it was not me.. and so thankful it was all of them. It was perfect.

Now home watching Survivor with Dave. Oh and the house is amazing. So clean!!

This week is kicking the crap out of me. I am soooo soooo sooo tired. Love that the weekend is right around the corner. How is your week going?


Crystal said...

That picture, whoa just sums it up. Lise - ha! Me - chubs :( You - gorgeous.

Darren Klassen said...

Thanks for coming to the show. It was good to see you tonight. Sorry we didnt get to chat more.

Amanda said...

I totally LOVE reading about your week. I look forward to your posts daily. You are looking amazing and that picture of the 3 of you is beautiful.

Glad you enjoyed coming home to a clean house. I used to love those days!

Heather said...

i agree the best picture of the three of us - EVER!!

Holly said...

i'm so glad you liked the play!!! i'm going tonight so now i'm more excited knowing that you approve :P i have really loved this play-by-play of your week :D

Wenona said...

Sounds like a fun filled day!

margo_klassen said...

Heather, I don't know why I didn't think to tell you yesterday, but reading your blog today and seeing your pictures reminded me of how much I like your top! Very cute!!

Lisa said...

Loosey Lise.