Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hello wednesday.

thankful for Wednesday's. one of my favorite days of the week. we get to start slow because I only work after lunch and have to be in town for 10. so after breakfast we made swings and hide and seek.

a nice phone call from my mom made me even happier when she invited us for supper. after i got ready we played with stickers...

I dropped the boys off at the sitter's and I headed to bible study. Always a good time. The food is always a source of great anticipation. Today did not disappoint. Julie brought Pumpkin loaf with cream cheese, strawberries and some banana chocolate chip bread (not pictured) YUM-O.

After bible study I left for lunch at Gingerwood. Happy Administrative Professionals day to me! My two bosses took me and my co-worked out for a lovely lunch... which included the most heavenly turtle cake - oh wow! (yea it's a good food day). When I got to work after lunch my desk looked like this. I love all the homemade cards and treats from staff and students. It's nice to feel appreciated.

I picked the boys up after work and headed to my mom's where we played "chalking" and ate fruit bites.

I forgot to take a picture of supper it was GOOD!

I ended up driving to Altona to meet up with someone from the preschool to drop off all the Norwex goods.

Home to tidy up and hang out with Dave. Thank you Wednesday for a good day. See you tomorrow.


carly smith said...

I LOVE this week in the life idea.... I might just have to steal it some week! :)
Glad you and all your boys are doing (and eating..hehe) good :)

Jenelle Suderman said...

i like this daily blogging from you..and glad that wednesday was a super day!!

Monica said...

This is a great idea.

I'm loving all the pics.

Love Grandma