Sunday, April 25, 2010

and this was Saturday

** this was written on Sunday....

Sorry I am a day late on getting this one up. We had friends over till late and Dave and I both woke up sick.. so we have been resting and taking turns in the bathroom.... but here is Saturday

We spent the morning in Jammies having a Jammie Morning as the boys like to call it. I got to eat breakfast and have a hot cup of coffee on the couch. I didn't get any pictures.. We did spend most of it super productive. I got all the laundry put away, Dave helped me hang some stuff in the nursery and just general stuff in the house got done.

We got ready and headed to town to do the recycling... the boys love helping Dave unload it all. They sing a paper or cardboard type song and get it done. The highlight of going to the recycling place is the nice big yellow bus that sits there.. they have to get a good look at it every time.

We stopped in at McDonald's for lunch (since we had some coupons to use up). Ari always asks for a cheeseburger and Noah always has Chicken Nuggets.. with lots of ketchup of course.

We picked up a few more things and headed home. The boys played outside with Dave while I spent some time sewing the binding for Baby J's quilt. It's been a long labor of love that I started over a year ago... I hope to get it done soon. It was a beautiful afternoon with the sun shining into my craft studio.. I love that room.

Since we were hosting our dinner party group I started to prep my dishes and get the house ready.

Grandma and Papa were having the boys for a sleepover and they came mid afternoon to pick them up. They had lots of fun plans for the boys and the boys had been looking forward to it all week.

It felt strange to be at home and have them gone. Dave and I got lots done on the yard and around the house and even took a little coffee break to sit on the deck and just enjoy.

The dinner party theme called for cocktails and appetizers. I made Sweet Onion and Tomato Tartlets, Put out a Cheese/Olive plate and provided some wine and other mixed beverages including of course a non alcoholic strawberry daiquiri.

Our guests arrived and we had a great time. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for this group. They are good people.

I am feeling totally sick again right now so I need to go and lay down... here is the gang with the rest of the evening.


Crystal said...

What a great day! And it was an excellent party with an excellent. But now you've totally got me CRAVING McDonald's.

kelly ens said...

dinner party's are so much fun! looks like an enjoyable time :)

Amanda said...

Your dinner parties always look like such a good time! I LOVE your chandalier even more in these pics!