Thursday, August 02, 2007

a pretty good day

yep thats right yesterday was a pretty good day...i feel my days getting better after really talking things out with dave this past weekend and everyday reminding myself i have a choice with my attitude.. also i have been blown away encouraged by this book i am reading by Kim McMechan called Tripping into Daylight.. I swear she is writing my feelings down in her candid book of poems and personal journal entries. more about that another post. this one is dedicated to my boys who love to get dirty and to a mom who is learning to give in and just let them be. yesterday after there great nap we set out to the park by our house initially to swing which they love and hearing there giggles makes me happy too... well after a bit of swinging i thought i would put them in the grass (as they have finally gotten over hating that)... they sat and picked at flowers and finally begun to crawl across to the dirt under the swings and played in there for awhile... they were so happy i couldn't help but just watch as they discovered rocks and pieced of wood mixed in with the dirt.. after awhile they spotted the play structure which for them must have seemed a long ways off.. off the went to discover what that was. the play structure is situated on lots of little stones which ari & noah were fascinated by... they picked them up by the handfuls and made piles stopping once in awhile to put them up to their lips after saying no a bazillion times i decided i may as well let them see what it was all about.. it only took once for them to spit it out and not try that again. we played on the slide and held onto monkey bars and when it was time to go home for supper even the screams as i put them in their stroller didn't dampen my spirits... that was a good day and even though i forgot my camera i have many pictures frozen in my mind.


kelly said...

awwww, that's so great! So fun to watch them discover and learn. And I so know what you mean about learning to be ok about kids in the dirt. That's how it was when we were camping. Either I would spend the whole weekend saying "no" and holding Taeya, or just wash her clothes when we got home.
Sounds like the park was a great experience.

Stacey said...

Hope you're having more good days!