Thursday, August 30, 2007

this, that & the other

happy thursday! its been full week so far... starting with sunday when dave and i left for our little getaway.. we headed down to grand forks. we stayed at a nice hotel and enjoyed shopping, eating, shopping, hot tubbing, eating, drinking coffee, eating and swimming. of special note was target.. i enjoyed it not only once but twice, eating at red lobster and of course the all time best place Qdoba's Mexican Grill.. seriously just about the best burritos i've had. I enjoyed Starbucks twice and I introduced Dave to Cold Stone creamery. But by far the prize goes to the 45 minutes we spent with all the hotel guests in a hallway waiting out the tornado that ripped through grand forks. it actually landed about 7 miles south and even involved a fatality. we were fine but the light show was one i won't soon forget. we relaxed which was the goal and although i did not sleep through the night it was peaceful and so quiet.
we came back to the boys having colds (dave had one last week) so they have been a bit off but they have enjoyed having grandma and grandpa difrancesco staying with us. tuesday's big adventure led us to Landmark to have our apples pressed - we got 63 2L jugs of goodness. we stopped in steinbach at the mennonite heritage place which was interesting. i remember going when i was little.
yesterday the boys enjoyed the library with grandpa and had great naps.
today i have been playing catch up with laundry, cleaning and stuff. looking forward to scrapping tonight.
i think thats about it.. i will get some pics up soon.


kelly said...

Wow - sounds like a wonderful time away! Glad you were able to enjoy it all, and had quiet nights, even if they weren't full of sleep!

Eva said...

Sounds like an amazing trip. And you clearly deserve it!

but honey, I must say, if Qdoba (owned by Jack in the Box) is the best burritos you've had, I feel sorry for you. You're missing out! Of course, they're just about the best option in town, but they're nothing like real burritos. Yum. I miss LA.

Ellen said...

sounds like you had another wonderful adventure together :) The last time me and my hubby had a date was at Christmas time and it was a double date at that.. and with #2 on the way I doubt we will get another time away for a while :) sorry for complaining to you.. I am SO happy that you guys got some away time!!

DavenHeather said...

ok ok... so i have had authentic amazing mexican food both when i lived in LA and the many times I have been to Tijuana oh and of course anytime wade has made us mexican... but if you understood where i lived.. middle of nowhere.. Qdoba would be as good as it gets these days. And to say it is anything like Jack in the box is really wrong.. even if owned by them there is no way its anything like it. ok thats it.

Stacey said...

Sounds like quite the adventure with the tornado! Glad everything was okay, and that you had a great time. I need to do that... of course I'd have to take Bria with us. Hope today is a good day for you.

Dianna said...

Glad you had a good time we all need to get away with hubby now and them to refresh our mind and spirit.
You mentioned pressing apples in landmark. Would you mind telling me the price they charge out there for pressing apples? I know a guy in Carmen who'll charge $30 an hour to use his presser so I want to look around and compare. Let me know via e-mail