Friday, August 24, 2007

light at the end of a very dark tunnel

as i write this my children are both screaming... lately its all they seem to do. whether both just wanting me or they have hit each other or are not getting what they want. its been a tough week and i am so thankful its friday. thankful dave will be home in 8 hours. thankful my in laws arrive tomorrow for a week. thankful next week i celebrate 3 years being married to the best guy. thankful on sunday we are going away for a night to celebrate with no kids.
being thankful helps.


Gina said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys have a MUCH deserved night away!

Stacie said...


I hope the screaming abates soon and you feel better.

kelly said...

Also hoping the screaming ends soon and that you enjoy your night away with Dave.
Happy Anniversary!

Ellen said...

oh don't I know about that screaming!! and I only have one child!! I have also had a rough week - my little guy has been testing my patience SO much and I feel so bad for my grumpy attitude but at the end of the week it doesn't feel like there's much left of me!! Enjoy time away (especially since it's your anniversary) rest and restore :)