Monday, August 20, 2007

the weekend and other things

ok time for another installment of guess who's who?

another weekend has come and gone and judging by the dramatic change in the weather summer here in manitoba is almost over... luckily i don't mind the cooler temps. i have been sitting here trying to think of what we did this weekend and its all a blur... thursday we had dinner with my brother and family as they are leaving us to move to Victoria this week. other than the fact that my kids had major meltdowns, spilled soup all over the floor and were basically just plain grumpy it was good. yea right good. we went home shortly after supper and put them to bed - these days bedtime is getting earlier and earlier. they just loose it. friday i can't remember.. saturday we did stuff around the house.. lots in the yard which was great. it needed work.. we hope to be showing it soon and it definitly needed some tlc. it feels good to have that out of the way. sunday we went to church or as i call it nursery. dave also has been doing lots of projects on the house getting it ready... new fixtures in the bathroom, re-cocking the bathtub, cleaning up. we had a babysitter (thanks lena & jenelle) for the evening and we spent it with good friends celebrating Chris's birthday. Crystal cooked up an amazing meal which i ate so slow... and we sat around all evening with no kids to look after and just chatted. it was the best!
now for a bit of news... i'm not ready to divulge all the details yet as they are far from finalized but its possible we may have the chance to purchase our dream house. i feel inadequate to even express how much of a dream it is and how blessed i feel... more to come. stay tuned.


Gina said...

The boys are so cute. I can't tell them apart but I always think the little one in the first pic looks EXACTLY like you! Can't wait to hear all about your dream home, that is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's not fair Heather... don't dangle the carrot and not give any more details! I want to know!!


heather said...

They are so adorable!!!