Tuesday, May 22, 2007

we celebrated the boys birthday with my family yesterday. i gave in and allowed them their first sugar rush. noah devoured his cupcake - all of it. while ari was no so interested. grandma and grandpa bought them a pool and floating toys just in time for summer. as well as toys and clothes. we also got two dolls -which so far is the best gift ever. they love dolls. its adorable. boys will be boys i guess. anyways i had a great time this weekend and have so much to write about and will do so this week. the wedding was amazing... i also had time to reflect on a year ago and properly close the door on my grief regarding the boys birth and i wrote out their birth story which is far to long to post... (maybe i will, we will see)
so happy to say we reached this milestone.


kelly said...

happy birthday to the boys! it's great that our kids share this birthday.
i do hope you'll post the birth story - i'd be very interested in reading it.

Drea said...

hey girlie. I should get the Ergo next week. they had the color I wanted on back order... so the owner told me monday it be shipped. So maybe wednesday or thursday ill post :-)

Maybe you can get one off of www.thebabywearer.com ? :-) or maybe the lady im doing the review for to promote her site will give my readers a discount.. like 10% off or free shipping. I'll ask.

If it works great to me its worth the investment.

Kinda like a good stroller hah.

your blogs so cute btw :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather:

So hard to believe the boys are now a year old... Mike and I were just lamenting this weekend that one year ago we felt in the middle of your twin-birth adventure - it's so hard to believe that was a year ago. Our fridge has never been the same since all your breastmilk took over the top shelf!!! :)

You are to be celebrated for mothering your boys in such a nurturing and giving way for the past year. Keep doing what you're doing- Amazing that God chose, equipped and prepared you to be Ari and Noah's mummy from the beginning of time!


Dianna said...

I enjoy reading your blog and would love to get to know you better. Is it ok if I add you to my blog roll? Pls e-mail me at lendihofer@hotmail.com and I can invite you to view my blog as I made it private but would love to meet more christian mothers.

Trena Wanless said...

Congratulations! You made it!!!!

Audge said...

Wow, I remember the day when you called me and told me about the boys being born...the last time i held them they were so tiny and fragile like...wow, i can't wait to see them again heath...i miss you sooooo much.

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday to the boys and congratulations to you for making it through the first year!

Mom said...

Congratulations Ari and Noah. You are one year old.

Congratulations to you Dave and Heather. You did it. And you did it well. I'm proud of you both.

Love Mom

The Rupps said...

congrats on your one year of being a mom! i've loved hearing your stories and adventures this past year. thanks for sharing your joys and struggles. so fun to see the birthday photos- so cute! glad you had a fun time celebrating together....
love, amanda
p.s. we have finally updated our blog and will be doing so regularly again!

heather said...

Happy Birthday to your boys! Isn't it amazing how quickly that first year goes? Congrats on surviving it and here's to an even more wonderful second year with your twins!