Tuesday, May 22, 2007

one year

Dear Ari,
It's been a year that I have had the delight to be your mom. What a gift you are. We were blessed with a double portion. You came in like a lion forcing your way in front of your brother to be firstborn. How fitting since your name means Lion of God. You have always been content though. Even in the womb you just hung out when we saw you on ultrasounds you would wave every once in awhile but you were happy to just be buried under your brother. You were so little.. I remember when you first came out you were so small. Seeing you in the nursery that first day was a miracle. you were finally here. You have grown into your name. You are strong and have an adventurous spirit. you are quick to try new things and love to play and discover your toys. You are easily distracted especially when eating. I love how you don't make a lot of noise when you get up from your nap, but you just wait in anticipation for me to come open the door and there you are just watching and waiting. the smile i get when you and lock eyes melts my heart.
Ari you are such a joy and so easy to love. I love your goofy faces - you don't do it as much but you used to stick out your lower jaw and smile you had such a mischievous look on your face. You like to smack your lips and you caught onto the sign more so quick. sometimes you get clapping and more mixed up. you are so full of joy. I pray that you will always have that twinkle in your eyes - you have a goofy grin that lets everyone know something is going on in your head. May you continue to always have fun - always have an adventurous spirit and never be afraid to try new things.
I love you,

Dear Noah,
I can't believe you are one. It seems like such a short time ago I was awkwardly trying to get a hang of you guys and now here you are - one! You are a treasure. I find so much joy in your cuddles. You love to sit with people. You have soft sensitive spirit and you wound easier (emotionally) than your brother. You are so much like me in a smaller version. You are more aware of your surroundings and always know when mom is not close enough. You love to be around the action. Just happy to be with us.
Your name means rest and peace. You have that in your ability to just sit and receive love and cuddles. I want to be more like that. (you obviously get that from your dad). I pray that you Noah would always know how to rest and take in your surroundings. I think that you will be a good listener and a good balance for your brother. Never loose your sensitivity - God has gifted you with that. I love watching you discover new things - like that Noah's Ark we bought you - you love to pick up each animal and study them. Thats your go too toy. You definitly have a busy side chasing me around the kitchen in your walker or jumping like crazy in your JJ. You were the first to get the sign for eat - rightly so as you LOVE to eat. You are focused and you know what you want. I pray you would always have that. go for what you want my sweet little boy. continue to discover your world - touch, taste, see and smell all things. I love being your mom and i am so proud of you and want you to know you are so easy to love. i love you bubba!
Love Mummy.

My boys,
I love the interaction you have with each other. You are so excited to see each other when you wake up. You already seem to have some secret language. The scratchy on the bib thing when you eat has been going on for months. I just wonder what you are saying to each other. You imitate each other. Especially now with clapping.
Our hope is that you will grow as individuals - always confident in who each of you are - celebrating your differences and your uniqueness. As you recognize this we also hope you can always count on each other - that you would not just love each other but really like each other. Even though your faces are the same we pray people would see you both for who you are.
This year has been a challenge in many ways as we have all been learning how to live with each other. As your mom I have been learning how to fit into my new role. I am proud of how far we have all come. I commit to always striving to be a better mom to you both.
Love flows.


Eva said...

So beautiful, Heather! Thanks for sharing.

Reesh said...

I like how you did one letter to each of them - nice touch! I can't believe it's been a year already!! Happy first birthday Noah and Ari!

lagiulia said...

Happy birthday! Good job to all of you getting through one whole year of twins-ness!

Dixie said...

Happy Birthday cuties!

Lydia said...

Happy birthday Ari and Noah!!! Can't wait to see you again.

Love your Auntie Lyds

Chris & Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Boys! Wow, I can't believe it's been a year already. I'm proud of the boys for being a year but I'm even more proud of you, Heather, for being such a great mom. Love you lots!

Gina said...

What a special post Heather! Happy Birthday Ari and Noah!

anita said...

gorgeous letters Heather. thanks for sharing something so special. you are a wonderful mommy! :)

Marcy said...

So very cool that you did this Heather!!!!

lesleysmeshly said...

I found your site through twinkies and just wanted to say hi. Your letters were so beautiful. Your boys will treasure them when they are older.

Happy Birthday to your little ones. They are so adorable!!

Stacie said...

Oh, how beautiful. They'll treasure those when they are older.