Saturday, May 26, 2007

living with one year old twins

so my first week living with one year old twins has come and gone... seems so much is different now that they reached the one year old mark.. or maybe it was the weekend away that makes it all seem different. i was feeling bad about what i am about to write as so many dear blogging friends are having a rough time with their kiddies right now but i decided to push aside all guilt and celebrate the peaceful spell we are having because i have had my share of downs, my share of sleepless nights and more than my share of headaches on a count of my twinnies. so raise your glass to toast the all coveted sleep through the night stage. now i am aware all good things usually come to an end so i am not gullible to the fact that this may change. but for now i am enjoying laying my head on my pillow and not getting up till after 7 when they want a bottle and then they long to go back to bed till 9AM - yes you read that right.. 9. its blissful and quiet in the house in the morning and i have time to either sleep, or drink coffee in peace.
Since turning one they have also not been that big on napping in the morning - i guess after their sleep in who could blame them.. so lately the norm is to put them down around 1pm and not hear from them till 3:30 or sometimes 4:00 - its beautiful luxery to get so much done those hours and although some days i am content to just sit on the couch and listen to my new Shawn McDonald Cd (thanks Carly) - all seems well.
Also new to our one year old household is crawling - yes gasp its late for most kids but my kids have always just been content to sit and play. but crawling is the new fave for my kiddies. Ari is a pro and Noah although timid is getting along. Noah on the other hand is a champion stander and holder of all things sturdy. He loves to clumsily walk behind his walker.
They are beginning to love to explore food..they have always eaten everything and anything. Update on the drinking situation. I was giving them partial milk/formula trying to get them switched to milk.. it was a no go. As you have all been along for the ride you might remember me saying they have been sick since January with a persistant cough and runny noses day after day. Well after giving them milk those symptoms seemed to get worse and worse as did the spitting up. So I decided to wait and give their little immune systems some more time. And although formula is eating away at our checkbook.. I'd rather be safe than sorry with allergies later on. I plan to try again soon...
Well I should go.. I have been in planning mode for their birthday party which takes place tommorow. I just got done making alot of hamburger patties for the BBQ we will have in their honor with lots of their little friends and friends of ours who have made this past year bearable. I need to go blow up ballons and hang streamers. I will update you all with pics next week...

Oh and for more fabulous news having nothing to do with being one.. my dearest, best friend and the boys Madrina (which means Godmother in Italian) recently got engaged.. We are so happy for Audrey and Ralph and cannot wait to be there for them in Texas when they get married next spring. Audrey asked me to be her maitron of honor and there is nothing I would like more than to stand up for the most inspiring, beautiful, fiesty, loyal and closest friend. The boys may also stand in as the cutest ring bearers... can't you just picture it. awww. congratulations guys.


Audge said...

wow heath, i am happy you get some 'you' time now, the boys are thankful i am sure to have such an amazing mom!!
thanks for your post about me and ralph. i can't wait!! you are the greatest!!

tammy said...

yea that they are sleeping so well! Kade is finally sleeping through the night too but his naps are so short during the day. Enjoy your me time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather.
I have 3 cans of formula here you can have if you want. It was sent to me for free.

I do still want to get together with you. I just got out of a 10 day hospital stay because my appendix ruptured, but I do still want to get together!


Stacie said...

Oh, you offer hope. Sweet, sweet hope. I still have to mail you your book - I swear life is getting away from me. Next week I'll get it out.

kelly said...

i just posted about our party today - how did yours go?
isn't it crazy how all of a sudden they're grown up, now that they're one?
glad you're enjoying the sleeping stage guilt-free. you have every right to savor it!

Anonymous said...

hey did you realize you said you have only lived with your twins for one week? check out the first line.


DavenHeather said...

yea they have only been one for a week..