Sunday, May 13, 2007

celebrating mothers...

my life has been touched by many women... some of them mothers, not all of them mine. all of them friends. really mothers day is also about celebrating women.... mothers are not always biological and some of my closest and dearest are not mothers in the flesh but i consider them part of this magical population of caregivers whether in the flesh or of the heart. i celebrate all of you today. to those who have lost and have children to grieve today my thoughts are with you. may you always know the gift you are and may you rest knowing your babies are waiting for you.. one day. my prayers are with you that you may be made ready to mother your future children and those already around you.. happy mothers day!


Stacie said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Angel said...

i love your new blog update

heather i just have to say
you're a great mother and so inspirational
thanks for all of who you are - and that you are so caring for others.
i hope you have a great day

Eva said...

Beautiful post, Heather! Happy Mother's day!