Saturday, May 19, 2007

time, time and more time..

yep thats me time on my hands.. we are having a fantastic time here in ontario. we are here to celebrate the wedding of good friends morgan and martha who tommorow will be married. it has been great to hang out with friends and just relax.. that being said. oh i miss my boys. i talk to them a couple times a day on speaker phone and love to hear their little voices. its amazing the guilt and sadness i feel being apart from them for so long. i never worry about them as they are in great hands. but my heart aches to hold them and make them giggle and to cuddle them when they wake up. we will be home monday morning and i can't wait to see their little chubby cheeks and smiles.. missing them lots but enjoying the time we have here as well. i will post pics when we get home..

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