Thursday, August 02, 2012

ontario july 2012

We started summer off with a 14 day trip to Southern Ontario to visit family. There are so many highlights and I hope to cover as many of them as I can.. there will be multiple posts. You are all invited into a glimpse of our Family Vacation. Sit tight. I was nervous for the flights. Getting a two year old to sit still and not go crazy.. nuff said. Jett did so good! At first he did not like the idea of not being held but overall he did really well. We just kept giving him snacks and treats and more snacks... I admit I think I did pretty well with the bag of suckers. They were a lifesaver for all my kids ears as we descended as well as the couple behind us with a toddler who would not stop screaming cause his ears hurt until I handed him a sucker as well. So that's my tip.. bring suckers and share!

Our first stop was the amazing asian market where we feasted on sushi and wandered the isles looking at some of the craziest produce and meat. Also the true sign of being in Ontario. milk in a bag. So strange!

 Jett pulled the boys around all the isles in these baskets.. it was a great way to burn off some of that candy.

Jett mastered the nap in the van thing. Plus it was like 9000 degrees out with no AC and it could have possibly been the crash after the sugar high from the plane. So sweet.

The boys were beyond pumped to sleep in the camper on Grandma D and Abuelo's driveway. They had some friends of friends lend us the camper to use for our trip and it was such a blessing to have a bit more space (and AC) The boys LOVED it! 

we loved spending time with family.. last time we were all together was two years ago. some very special times with Auntie Ju!

And silly time with Auntie Ev. Jett was wearing Oma's glasses.. it was hilarious and watching him maneuver with bifocals proved great entertainment.

Auntie Lydia and Uncle Dan came for the first week and it was SO good to be all together. 

The boys had the best time with their cousin Zoe. The three of them (sometimes it included Jett) had such a good time.. the boys miss her immensely. For the most part they got along so well and made some awesome memories. We are so thankful they got to spend so much time together!

Stay tuned more to come!


Tam said...

Looks like tons of fun!! It's wonderful to spend time with family!

valerie said...

Awesome! So excited to be a part of your vacation :)