Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have been a serious blog snob this summer. And I have so many things I want to blog about.. so I am going to just go back in time and catch up. Yes I am.  So up first lets back up shall we.. we celebrated the end of Kindergarten! What an accomplishment. The year was a bit rough in some ways but I am so proud of my boys. The learning, the making friends and the having fun! Their teacher did an amazing job with the graduation ceremony. They prepared 5 songs for us.
 They received diplomas and lots of other goodies. My boys will miss Mrs. Dyck. I think all boys may love their first teacher :)

 They have made great buddies. Sadly neither of these two boys are in either boys class next year but they were quick to tell me they get THREE recesses in grade 1 so they will have lots of time to play together. So thankful for good friends.. living in the village it's neat to see that these guys will go to school together all the way till high school amazing to think of the fun they will have as they grow up!
 I am super proud of my boys. They have grown lots this last year. Can't wait to see what Grade 1 holds in store. Congrats to my little graduates!


Lydia said...

YAY!!! CONGRATS boys!!!

Carmelle said...

That is a great reason to celebrate! That's so awesome how they love their teacher so much and made some special friends, too :)

valerie said...

WOOHOO!! Love how grown up they look in the last photo! Awesome.