Sunday, August 05, 2012

beach bums

We spent a lot of time at the beach on our trip. With Grand Bend only 20 minutes away we loved taking in all that Lake Huron had to offer. It's a fun trendy little hotspot. The first time we went we stayed by the main beach which has an awesome play structure and splash pad. The kids had a blast!

We put Jett in this hole we found on the beach and he LOVED it.. he was in there for an hour.. as long as he had water, rocks and sand this kid was happy!

Morgan & Martha joined us one day at the beach. They all loved the umbrellas. While Julia and I soaked up the SUN! :)

we were so blessed with amazing weather the whole time we were there... well ok.. somedays blessed might not be the word I would use.. it was hot and my hair kept doubling in size.. after awhile I just gave into it. We loved the beach!

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