Thursday, August 30, 2012

African Lion Safairi

This is it! You made it through our vacation!

We enjoyed a family day trip to African Lion Safari. It's hard to put into words the incredible experience this was. This place is massive!! Like 741 Acres. It was a hot day and as you can see the kids are pumped.. really. 

We started off with a boat tour which takes you around a little lake with multiple islands. We saw monkeys,Gibbons, Lemurs, Storks, Hornbills, Swans and other birds.  Alot of the animals they have are quite rare.

Then we hopped on a train which took us through natural forest where you saw native wildlife as well as exotic species. We came at such a good time as there were tons of babies.

The drive through reserves are amazing. There are seven of them! I had to constantly remind myself that I was in North America.. they roamed free and there was so much space.  We saw so many animals. We were lucky to have snagged tickets on the bus. The running commentary was awesome.
The lions were a bit sleepy.

The monkeys were active. They were so funny to watch all over the cars.

This reserve was fantastic. Again so thankful to see all the babies.

Well hello Ostrich.

This Giraffe loved the top of our bus. Jett was enthralled.

After we toured the reserves, caught a bird show and saw some elephants we ended with the amazing water park in the park. It was unlike any water park. This was the area for bigger kids.. Zoe and the boys had a blast.

Jett was unsure at first but got into and LOVED it. The other area of the water park was so big... We spent hours here just playing around.

All ready to go home. After an awesome day! Thank you Grandma D & Abuelo.


Lydia said...

too bad we missed that! Looks like so much fun!!

kelly ens said...

WOW! That is amazing - what a cool experience!

The Nilsen's Journey said...

This is incredible!! Where was this again?