Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday.. Part Two.

So I left you with our Friday evening plans at LIV. White Oaks Resorts award winning restaurant. We got all dressed up (got to wear my new Toms) I just felt so alive. Maybe it's being in the presence of such good friends or just being alone with The Stallion.. not having to wipe anyone else's bum, or cut up food, or dish out consequences, or pick up after everyone, get juice, snacks, make sure you have stuff for everyone else.. nope it was just us. It was blissful.

So we are seated in this beautiful dining room. The atmosphere itself lended itself to the luxury. Then of course there was the purse bench. Yep they bring you a little bench to sit your purse on. Details people. We enjoyed our three hour stay there.. yes we did.

First up they brought us hot wet towels to refresh ourselves.. it was crazy.  Then we were brought the Amuse Bouche. The chef's special treat to start off your meal. I can't remember what it was but it was a great start. Again presentation was spectacular.

The Appetizer I chose was romaine hearts, grilled pancetta crisps, buttery garlic bread sticks, shaved pecorino cheese, lemon. They had me at pecorino. So good. 

The Stallion was in seafood heaven with his Shellfish four ways. : crab cake, smoked tomato aioli; lobster roll, pineapple sauce; seared scallop, asian slaw; jumbo prawn, roasted garlic purée.

After our appetizers we were given tiny goblets of mango sorbet to cleanse our palettes of course.
Somewhere after this we were given our Bread course. Olive Bread, Baguette and a seed bread. Served with a trio of rosemary butter, olive oil & balsamic and the most amazing Garlic Hummus. (side not if you ever get the chance to meet Martha - and I wish you all could please have her say hummus to you - it's divine)

The main dishes were so tasty and appealing to the eye. I thought of my dad and ordered the proscuitto wrapped pork tenderloin with a grainy dijon spaetzle and pear infused veal reduction. um yes please. And what's better it was like a whole loin. HUGE portion.

Isn't she beautiful? Sigh. Ok Martha ordered pan seared sea scallops, yellow pepper coulis, crawfish tails, pineapple and coconut jasmine rice, asian vegetables. The sea scallops were the size of tennis balls. So amazing.

Morgan ordered pecan crusted rack of lamb, merlot demi-glace, crisp rösti potato. He was happy. 

And the Stallion.. oh when is he not happy? Here is he in heaven with his home made spinach and lobster agnolotti, tiger shrimp, leeks, grape tomatoes in a light lemon caper cream sauce. Give an Italian some home made pasta and he's weak in the knees.

After this (yes there is more) we were given some home made truffles and some peppermint water to help aid in digestion. We opted out of dessert.. it was just too much. I have never felt like that as I sat through a meal crafted to perfection. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day with the most perfect people we could ever spend time with. We are blessed.


kelly ens said...

YUMMMMMMMMMM! What an incredible meal!!!
cute outfit you're wearing too!

Holly said...

Sooooo jealous! That sounds like an amazing experience :D

Lise said...

Just wanna say you and your friend Martha both look stunning! xo

Carmelle said...

so neat when you can 'click' with another couple so well. Looks like you had such a great time together!