Monday, September 24, 2007

the view from here today

other than this just more of the same... cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. we are finally show ready! bring on the people!
been dreaming of all the yummy deserts i ate last night at my loewen gathering. lisa made a giant cream puff - yea seriously a giant cream puff in a big pan. crystal made this chocolate cookie pizza thing with cream cheese, strawberries.. seriously. and susane made a saskatoon (did i say saskatoons are my faveorite berry) cheesecake!! so not good for my already large belly but yet so good!
going to the bank tomorow to finalize things for our new house. we have the lot and are just waiting... all very exciting!
figured it was time for a noah and ari update so look for that this week.


Anonymous said...

I felt kinda cheated that we never had a for sale sign put up in front of our house. There's something so exciting about that little sign.

And I'm not even going to acknowledge your "big belly" comment, hot stuff.


Anonymous said...

Saskatoon cheesecake?! Oh how I am longing to try a piece of THAT!!!