Tuesday, September 25, 2007

16 months

life with twins at 16 months is just like a roller coaster. you are just riding along and you slowly climb, climb, climb there is an expectation of whats ahead and then you reach the top and sit there for a second or two and then whoosh you plummet fast which lasts for a little while and then again you are just riding along waiting for the next high... a cycle.
i am amazed daily at the new things they learn and how they are learning to love each other. they interact with each other in a special way i guess the way only twins know how to do. they have their own language (and i am sure talk behind my back all day long) when they wake up from naps they seem to call out to each other and just know what to say. they love to wrestle and they run at each other and love to tackle each other and then the giggles really ensue. right now they are sitting across from each other hitting each other with t shirts and laughing hysterically. good times.
other than the vast vocabulary only they can understand they are beginning to make sounds that usually resemble some kind of word. hi, soos (soother), up, trude (the creepy doll at the bottom of our stairs whose name is trudy), dad, mom, gra (grandma) and dirt.
they have not learned any new signs lately but use the ones they know they are expert on: eat, more, milk, bye, please, thank you and kisses.
they have mastered their walking skills and their new found independence is a relief to watch. before they were walking people would always ask me what will you do when they can walk? yikes that will be busy. you know its actually better.. they love being able to walk around. it makes them happier. so that makes me happier and plus i don't have to carry them everywhere anymore. they can climb upstairs but have not really gotten the turn around to go down thing yet.
Ari is adventurous and not afraid (usually) to try new things. Although in a stage where it takes him awhile to warm up to people he usually ventures out first. Noah is sensitive and it takes him longer to venture out (not too far usually).
I remain amazed daily at these two little boys and the love they give. In the midst of daily struggles I am thankful for these gifts in my lives. A perfect blend of Dave and I. As I celebrate another birthday this weekend I am reflective and realize the richness of my doubly full life.


Eva said...

Great post, Heather. tfs. I like the roller coaster thing..I can relate even with one.

Lydia said...

so adorable!!! all my friends think so too.

I think it's really neat how the meaning of their names really fits their personalities.

Love you

Gina said...

I really can't say it enough, your boys are the cutest kids ever! lol. Glad your having fun...

Ellen said...

I love this post!! sounds like things are going not too bad :) and it's neat to hear about the special bond between your boys.. I can't wait to see my kids develope that sibling bond (altho I'm sure it's not the same as it is between twins)

Stacie said...

Roller coaster indeed!