Wednesday, September 05, 2007

tripping into daylight

what a beautiful description of my life right now. i can't take credit for the title though. it comes from a book that has deeply moved and inspired me lately. i have wrote of kim mcmechan before and the way her voice stirs my soul. recently i was honored to receive her book as a gift and its already quite "used". i have read and reread it over and over. she writes short stories, poems and reflections... its so relatable. there is one page that has been read the most.. its a page that has become my go to.. someone that understands me.. like she is in my head and those are my thoughts put onto paper...
"sometimes there's nothing inside you but echoes, and the water is so low, its left a line, a watermark that's cracking in the sun and you feel it may never rise, fear you will be left out way up high to dry, never to float weightless again. Sometimes all the words have gone up and flown away, leaving no trace but a fayed string or a broken piece of kits flapping wildly in the wind to remind you there was once something there but it got so broken and its too far gone you'll never find it. Sometimes you are an elm tree in winter, bare and black and frozen, just tangled lines reaching for the sky and all you can do is try to cast shadows and make silhouettes in the blue morning, bare and cold. Inside me is January. Inside me is a backyard full of old snow. Inside me is a long stretch of prairie road. I am wiling like the the plants on the windowsill. Inside me is a place where the sun won't reach. Inside me is a white walled room with no pictures or windows or chairs. Sometimes there's nothing to say, you just a need a summer's day to warm your skin, to make something right again."
shes launched a new site of course brilliant idea and i am excited to have a coaching session with her next week.Her website is called Luscious Living (I can get the link to work for some strange reason so go to She desires as a life coach to coach busy women (espcially mothers) who long for more order, balance, creativity and joy in their lives. Perfect! Her new site has lots to offer including a blog. So go check it out.

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