Friday, July 27, 2007

what a week

we had a great week.. our dear friend audrey was here to visit from texas and i was spoiled by her company. the boys took a bit to warm up to her (which is the case these days). we had a great time in spite of the weather around these parts like seriously 50degrees it was horrid. my poor husband worked up on roofs all those days. i have to admit after today i am having a hard time writing this post as there are so many great things to share but today has been a big pile of crap again. i am tired and worn out, my house is a mess, my kids are working on teeth the size of dinosaurs, they won't nap and all they want to do is whine and cry. its wearing me down quickly. i just feel pitiful and all i want to do is eat....
anyways other than audrey we were also visited by more people that came out of our vancouver life.. craig and jamie passed through and lindsey came down from winnipeg. it was one of the best times i have had in awhile and like they say you can take the kids out of vancouver but you can't take vancouver out of the kids.. ok you had to be there...i will upload pics tonite from our time and of course pass on a little montage later.
seriously i might take the infant stage over the one we are in lately... ok maybe not but almost.


Dianna said...

Seriously HOW DO YOU DO IT???? I have 2 children one year apart and they are alot of work. How does a mom manage with two @ the same age. But nonetheless aren't they just the sweetest thing!!! No matter what the good by far outweigh the bad!! Somedays I would love to have 8 children and somedays I'm stuck one having two!! I hope you have air conditioned in your house at this HOT time of the year. I'm spoiled this year I have TWO air conditions in my home!!

Eva said...

Hope you're feeling better and get some more good moments. Sounds like those boys have been wearing you down a lot lately. I hope it cools off some and you can all get out of the house and do something that makes you all smile.