Sunday, July 01, 2007

chaotic creativity...

following hot on the heels of my last post about creativity i was humbled to receive a gift from friends via email. they have been behind me for a few years now the kind of people you want on your side cheering you on through life... anyways they blessed me with something unique and thoughtful and something that speaks to the centre of my soul... a beautiful book by Kim McMechan as well as a one hour session with kim on the phone. she has become a personal creative life coach and her target are busy moms and artists and she desires to help them discover how to find more time for what they value and ache for so we can have a more sane, productive and balanced creative life.
i have been a huge fan of kim's since hearing her sing at a worship event at the winnipeg centre vineyard since then she has put on some records of her own and begun to teach writing workshops. she also writes candidly on her blog.. go check her out HERE.
this weekend was very creative. MSS had an online crop and i got a few layouts done.. you can check out my scrapbooking gallery above for some of them.
looking forward to one more day of dave being home. i love long weekends and short weeks. not much planned for this week.. july is going to busy with lots of visitors which i am so looking forward to.. i think a day in winnipeg is also in order soon.. i can't wait to see lindsey who arrived back in the peg last week...
i also realized i have forgotten to share another new thing going on in my life.... i have taken up a part time job - only a couple days a week... (evenings).. back at Mulligans (former Golf Course Restaurant) Its been fun to just have something totally different to do and make a little extra cash on the side. It works well because I go to work after Dave comes home or on the weekends. I think he likes the time with the boys as well.. I think that's all I have for now. I will write again next week... The offer on the Mei Tai is still available... You won't regret it. Let me know if you want more info.. The post further down was updated with more pics of me actually using it with the boys. (made me almost change my mind but i really want an ergo)

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Evelyn said...

heather, you are so blessed to have such good friends that care so much about you!

congrats on your job! i also love serving and a sometimes i think that i'd like to have a part-time serving job when i have kids... just as a change of scenery and to be able to talk to grown-ups!