Friday, April 13, 2007

who the heck are you?

10 1/2 months old stats:
Heavyweight: Noah 19lbs 2oz. 27 1/2"
Lightweight: Ari 18lbs 6.5oz. 26 5/8"

went to the city yesterday for an appointment with our pediatrician to see if he could shed some light on the boys condition.. he ordered a blood test to test for allergies and with only a few minutes to think about the fact that the boys were going to have their very first needle (other than when they were weeks old in the NICU) I would have to say it went well. I was not looking forward to it and when they were pricked (on their finger) they didn't even complain. They got upset as the tech had to squeeze three vials of blood out of their little chubby finger. not nice. I was so impressed by how calm they were and with no meltdowns we were out of there. Now to those of you with multiples you know that going out is not an easy task.. It takes much planning and by the end of the day I was exhausted. Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. My good friend came along to help me as I would have never made it all around the city without someone.
i know some of you have posted your experiences of what its like to take out multiples and the instant rock star status you get. it adds to the exhaustion of the day. answering a million questions and smiling at strangers more than you ever thought possible and the comments... i will give you an overview of the things i heard and overheard while pushing my double stroller through the mall...
-There was the usual "awe cute" "ooh twins" "wow" - which i am totally fine with. I love people who think my kids are cute and even though the novelty of it is probably that there is two if fine with me too.
-I hear the "double trouble" one alot. This one gets to me after a while. Who are you to say that my kids must be trouble. I find myself doubly blessed with the two of them. Its hard work but I don't come up to you and assume your kids are trouble.
-"Are they natural" "Did you use drugs to get them" - Who are you? Why strangers feel the need to ask me these questions is beyond me because its really no ones business. And the whole natural comment is just plain stupid.
-I don't mind the "You must have your hands full" seems kind of obvious...but whatever.
-Some lady told me she always wanted twins but her husband said no.. maybe she knows something the rest of us don't?
-I'm not a big fan of complete strangers thinking its ok to touch them.. do people go up to moms with one baby and put there dirty hands all over them.
-One dad said yesterday while we were changing diapers in the family room at the mall.. "I bet you can't wait till they are older. this must be a horrible stage." what? who are you? this one had me staring blankly at him with no good response.
-to the grandma that stopped me to stare at my boys and stand directly in front of the stroller when they were having an obvious all out meltdown.. MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!
and my all time fave from yesterday. mom and daughter walk by my very adorable well behaved kids and the mom turns to the daughter. "Oh look twins. Can you believe that? Ugg that is something I would NEVER want" ok lady.

after posting this realized that the twinkies post today is on the same subject.. go over there for similar and more stories of what not to do when approaching multiples in public (or not so public) places.

please don't misread the above. i don't mind people stopping me to tell me how cute they are and i love to answer peoples intelligent questions.


Gina said...

Heather - I love your posts. You are such a fantastic writer. My favourite comment - "My husband said no"?!
Hope you have a good weekend.

Reesh said...

Yes people put their grubby little hands all over my ONE SINGLE NON MULTIPLE daughter and it's disgusting!!

I am sure you must get twice as much attention with twins, but I also get a heck of a lot of stupid questions, stares and comments, and generally all around the exact wrong time!!

Mark , Rosalie & family said...

We don't have twins, but going out with 10 children brings up some 'interesting' comments as well! From 'Are they all yours' to 'I can't even handle two' to 'Are there any twins' to 'Are you going to have more?' to my all time favorite :) 'Haven't you figured out how this happens?!' I have just resolved to get used to this as I don't think it's going to change! People are people!

jamie said...

people actually say 'are they natural'? Who does that???!?!?