Saturday, April 14, 2007

life is not fair...

A fellow blogger of twins Snickollet lost her husband to cancer yesterday. Her twins are 9 months old. Emmie at Better Make It a Double has created a virtual candle to honor them. Snickollet writes beautifully of her love for him "I'm so sad on so many levels. I'm sad for GH, myself, and the twins for all the things we won't get to do as a foursome. I'm sad for the world at large for the loss of an incredible man. But he doesn't have cancer anymore. He's not sick anymore. And while the end came so incredibly quickly, we had said what needed to be said and he knew how intensely I loved him, which is the most important thing."
So as Emmie put it "
None of us can do a whole lot for her, but we can send her some love. Tonight, I will light a candle for Snickollet and her family. Maybe you can too*, and maybe go over and tell her."

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