Monday, April 23, 2007

divide & conquer

divide & conquer was the name of the game on Saturday when Dave and i went in to Winnipeg to catch the sale that our multiples club has twice a year. this is not your average sale. this is an arena filled with kids stuff. you name it they have it. i think i counted 23 high chairs alone.. the members of our club can sell stuff and members get first dibs and then its open to the public. we got there to stand in a line of about 200 which all got in quick and because of the size of the arena this did not feel crowded at all. we had been checking out the merchandise as we made our way along the outside of the glass.. i went for the clothes, shoes and small stuff while Dave headed for toys.. it was quite the site to see him pulling our red wagon through the isles and me with my huge Rubbermaid tub. again a little disappointed in the clothes area as its always so much girl stuff. i did manage to get some good stuff. when Dave and i met up i was pleasantly surprised at his achievements. i had warned him that the sale required you to be ruthless. don't give things a second thought as someone will come and swoop it away. the policy was throw it in the wagon think about it later. he had so much stuff.. and good stuff. we sat down in a corner to go through our stuff and decide what we wanted and what we would put back (people come around and clean up your unwanted stuff really quick) this sale is no joke!
at the end we had some great outside as well as inside toys, books, a couple videos, clothes and some other odds and ends. as we were sitting down to go through our stuff i finally took a second to look up and the line of "others" (ha ha that was our joke - i meant the public) the line was so long and as they started to let people in the arena got so crowded. there were probably upwards of 600 people in there. it was mayhem! we got in line quickly and paid and out the door as the line kept growing and growing.
it was a good time. i am so thankful the club does something like this. its so great to be able to know that twice a year there will be a good sale like this. the boys are loving there new toys.
so till next fall, thank you Manitoba Family of Multiples for another great day!

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