Wednesday, April 18, 2007

must haves....

yesterday i wanted to blog badly and never got around to it and today i have at least three posts rattling around in my head so i will start with giving you my must have items that i use daily...

i love all things lotions, soaps, scrubs, etc... but two of my must haves leave me missing Vancouver.

The amazing uber talented Wade Pallister: friend, encourager, protector, advice giver, ultimate chef, best coffee maker, soap master and his family created Jah Jirah Soapworks Our household trys to never be without two of his amazing soaps.. First Sophie’s Sensitive Soother Soap which was created when their first child Sophia was born.. His products are all natural and made from the best ingredients. We've never had any diaper rash or anything and its great for smooth, soft, babies skin. The second which Dave is panicking at the thought of running out is Undercover Grubber Scrubber/Sleek & Sporty All-Purpose Miracle Soap. This soap is Dave's must have.. he uses it for everything. Soap, shampoo, and its great for getting out tough stains. Dave says its all about the tea tree oil. Check out the other varieties that they have. We have used them all... can't rave enough about it. Thank you Pallisters.

My second must have is from Escents its a close second fave in my shower. Its their
Rejuvenating Salt Scrub and it has yummy bergamot and grapefruit. Its the best skin polisher and leaves your skin feeling amazing. Sadly no Escents in my future and as my container slowly runs out it puts a smile on my face as I remember Commercial Drive.

So thanks Vancouver.. for friends, good food and the best skin care I have ever known.

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