Sunday, April 01, 2007


all things new:
we have a tooth. ari wins
we have big car seats
noah gets and actually does the sign for eat
our new favorite toy is the box the car seat came in
yesterday the boys spent a whole day with daddy alone. they all did great

things not new:
the infamous cough is getting worse. not sure if i posted this but the doctor has them on inhalers for restricted airways and for awhile i thought it might be helping but the coughing fits are getting more and more intense.. really wondering if there is some sort of allergy.. cough, cough, sneeze, cough cough, sneeze - usually going on for about 5 minutes at a time. mostly at night and in the morning. any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather:

I'm with you and thinking allergies. Is there carpet in their room(s)? See if your doctor will make a referal for you to come to Wpg and see an allergist. The wait time to get in can be a little long, but at least it would give you peace of mind. They may have allergies to dust mites or other equally lovely things. If may also be the time of year we're in - (snow mold, etc.) but the boys probably aren't outside all that much right now.

I absolutely LOVED the pic of the boys holding hands in their stroller. I MUST squeeze them to pieces!!


Eva said...

Sorry about the coughs. That sounds awful!

Here's my burning question, because we have to move J. to a big car seat asap (S still has time so we don't know whether to do them at the same time or not): how does one person get 2 babies out of the house and into the car without car seats you carry out? If you've solved this, please share!

Stacie said...

I don't have any advice on the coughing issue, other than seconding what you already think which is to look into allergies.

Yay for tooth!

Eva -- I put one kid in the car, then go back for the other. I'd love to hear anyone who'se found a better solution.

Julie said...

I've only posted once before - but my nephew recently went through something similar - he saw his pediactrician and was diagnosed with asthma - they at first thought it was a really bad cold/ cough/ even croup - but when the pediatrician saw him he could hear him wheezing, and gave him 2 inhalers to use - if you are seeing your doctor anyway it would be worth asking about - and the allergies too... poor little guys - I hope they get better soon!

Mark , Rosalie & family said...

Not fun when kids are sick so long.
I would be very careful about blaming it on allergies though. It seems that so many things are blamed on this now a days. Have you tried giving them vitamin C daily. Facts are, when you have 2 little ones in the house they pass things back and forth and it sometimes takes a long time to shake it. Of course we have never had 2 exactly the same age but have had a few little ones at the same time (right now 3, soon to be 4, 4 and under.) and it just seems that sometimes they pass it back and forth. I think trying to build their immune system with vitamin C (you can buy crystals and mix it with fruit juice, perferably sweet juice like grape or something as the crystals are sour, and let them drink it) or some other immune builder, might help and in the end they will have a stronger resistance to things. It seems that first year can be really tough until they toughen up! But this is just my humble opinion :)

Oh Joy said...

Hey Heather! First off, the picture of the boys holding hands is just TOOOOOOO much! So sweet.

Secondly, the cough you are describing sounds EXACTLY like what my son has right now and gets EVERY year at this time b/c he is allergic to snow mold. He coughs for about 5 minutes in the morning and another round that lasts longer at night. It sucks but it passes. Has your doctor not mentioned that it could just be allergies??!!

lagiulia said...

Yay for playing with boxes! Yay for a day with daddy! Booooo for the persistent coughs. Sometimes coughing, especially at night, can be a sign of asthma in babies. Is that why your doc put them on inhalers? Allergies or chronic bronchitis are my other thoughts. Or maybe something in their diets, but I doubt it. Then again, I'm no doctor
Lots of love to you and yours!