Monday, May 01, 2006

home sweet home

just wanted to share some pictures of our house. these are main floor pics (all newly painted by my wonderful husband!) we are really happy with the way it has turned out so far. enjoy!


Julia Di Francesco said...

Nice house it looks so great!
I'm so happy for you guys it must feel nice having your own place.
It was nice to see some of the things that you picked up from me. looks great can't wait to come and visit and meet the boys.
I love you lots

Future Auntie Lyds said...

Thanks for showing some pics. Everything looks great so far!!

I hope you are feeling good Heather! You look phenomenal -- such a nice glow around you.

love you lots, lydia :)

Larph said...

nice paint job davey boy; good colours too. deep fired anything recently?

Rach said...

house looks great! nice paint job dave

Mom said...

Looking good there. Nice choice of colours. Can hardly wait to be there with you and the boys.

Love Mom

Angel said...

The house looks amazing!!! You guys did such a great job of making your house so so so homey. wow, you guys are real grown ups now in your fancy home.

I can't wait to see it in person some day. We love you guys so much, and Heather you look GREAT!!! Thinking of you so much!

jamie said...

nice pic of you on the side there heather -- looks awesome!! Still got my white string on :) Did you get your keys yet?

Nova said...

beautiful home. what a blessing! :)

Reesh said...

Your house looks so bright and beautiful!! And your yard looks HUGE!! Thanks for sharing!