Tuesday, May 16, 2006

come on little guy you can do it

i guess the countdown is on.. i find myself wondering where i'll be and what i'll be doing when it's time to meet the boys. i debated writing this post but figure i could use all the good warm thoughts you would all send our way. we have a few options at this point and will know more on thursday when we have our appointment in winnipeg. as of now baby a is footling breech with cord hanging down by his feet. baby b is heads down but not far enough to get in front of the other babies feet.
the risk of my water breaking is what is the concern because the action of the water could bring the cord lower and then as is natural either feet or the other babies head will begin to press on my cervix cutting off the cord for baby a. scary. so...we are hoping that either baby a still has room to move heads down or he can skooch his little feet way up so baby b can get his head lower (and then he would be come baby a) confused? stay with me.. i've really been fighting with fear the last few weeks and the unknown and having to give up all the thoughts i had around what my birth would be like. i have begun to realize that whatever the outcome my thoughts can dictate what my birth ends up meaning to me. my midwife has been so good had helping me process all that. so on thursday we will be able to tell more whether or not i get to go till i go into labor or if they will schedule a csection after the long weekend (which would put me past 36 weeks). please keep us in your thoughts as we only want the best for our little guys. we can't wait to meet them. yesterday dave was sitting across the room from me and looks over his eyes really wide and says "so, soon we are going to have babies here? two of them." like it had just hit him. it was pretty cute.
thats about all for now. just remembering to enjoy the moment and all that surrounds me, waiting eagerly to meet our boys.


Reesh said...

I think your positive attitude will get you far, but it is hard to not think about the outcomes you don't really want to have. I am thinking of you and sending positive happy natural vaginal birth thoughts your way.

Kristina said...

hey do you know it they will be identical or not? are "they" able to tell that sort of thing before the boys are born? or did I totaly miss that bit of info from previous posts....

j. oates said...

just so you know we definitely haven't forgotten about you....praying for you and your baby boys....praying for God's protection for the babies during you birth...i hope you 'enjoy' the moment/moments of labor as much as you possibly can. love you!!!

Lydia said...


I know things must be crazy (emotional) for you right now. I'm praying for you and the boys, that they would be delivered safely... how ever that turns out to be.

I can't wait to meet them!!

Love you lots, Lydia :)

Emily Deu said...

hey heather can I call you??? I would love to talk to you and hear more about it.
I love you.
Your in my thoughts and prayers. DO I have your new home number???

Mark , Rosalie & family said...

Hey Heather,

Just wanted to tell you how excited we are for you as the "day" gets closer. We are praying that you and Dave will have the peace of God that passes all understanding. Remember that no matter what way these little boys arrive, they will arrive! And after it is all said and done and you hold them in your arms, it won't have mattered to you near as much how they got here! I know it is hard when everything doesn't go as we plan but think end result, that is what has gotten me through 9 labors and births:) You will make the right decision!

Rachel said...

hey heath..
greetings from HK!!! ahhh...i missed the whole blog thing!
our team are praying for you and you little ones. we all love you lots!
i miss you!!!! take care my friend!
lots of love, rach x x x

Angel said...

heather you look fabulous! And I've been so encouraged by you...thank you for the most beautiful card too. I am just SO wishing I could be there with you right now. SOOOOO Wishing.

It seems harder now getting so close to be so far away from you.

I treasure you, and you KNOW I'm praying for you. With deep deep love to you and Dave. I know you guys will be brilliant parents. You have such hearts of love.

Miss you all

Stu Bish said...

Hey Sis,
First up, you look amazing! As rach said, we're praying for you and I can't wait to meet the boys when we're out there!

Love you guys

Lynette Polinder said...

You are soooo frickin cute! I haven't logged on here for too long and your belly has grown sooooo much. Can you still breath? I can't wait to hear about how the birth goes and see pictures of your little boys. Who would of thought five years ago that you would be having twins! Ok...I love you and will be praying for you!

Lynette again... said...

Your belly makes me want to be pregnant! First I have to get through nursing school...but just so you know I'm jealous!

lagiulia said...

A while back on my blog, I was contemplating my own disappointment in having a c-sec to deliver my twins. A very sweet person wrote in and said something that really lifted my spirits:
"i just wanted to say that people are quick to say natural childbirth is this way or that way. truth being told everyones views of "natural" are different. You are a great mom who gave BIRTH by ceasearn to two lucky little boys! you still gave birth and it was just as much a miracle. birth is love and strength and giving life to a child(ren). way to go!"
I hope you will take your own words to heart, because in trying to offer you advice or compassion I couldn't have said it better myself.

Mary Anne Roy said...

heather! i can't believe it's almost time! jordan and i will be praying for you and for dave! i'm so excited and proud of you guys! heather you are such a trooper! And i'm praying that God would give you such an incredible amount of peace over the whole birth and what may come! You look beautiful too!
much love, from the Hdot,
Mary Anne Roy

Oh Joy said...

Heather my dear, if you can do pregnancy (times two) and keep up your great attitude then you can handle whatever way these little guys come into your life! You have done so well! Just be excited that they are gonna come OUT and you can hold them in your arms instead of the way you are doing it now!!!!!! Can't wait to hear about them!