Saturday, May 06, 2006

baby pool

its been so quiet here in blog land. i find myself checking for comments and checking other peoples blogs and its far and few between. maybe its wearing off...i hope not. anyways.
we went for another appt in winnipeg yesterday and got to see the little guys. they are doing really well - moving alot and growing ALOT!! we were so surprised to hear they both are about 4lbs14oz. Can you believe that! i have almost 10lbs of baby inside. they are still not in optimal positions.. baby a (right) has his little bum down and feet dangling below tickling my cervix which is not good as they would call this a footling breech and would not let me deliver "naturally" but i would have to give birth by ceserean. they are also cautious because the cord has slipped down there with the feet and that means if my membranes rupture (water breaks) and they are still in this position that causes many risks to the babies. so.. we are doing everything possible to get baby a to switch position. baby b (left) is head down but not far enough to be the first baby yet. please say a prayer for us if you think of it.
ok on to more fun we have set up a baby pool and we want you to all go and enter what you think the babies weight, length and date of birth will be. (there will be prizes). all you have to do is go to and enter our game name which is DoubleBlessing. Dave and I did it seperately and he picked the same day I did. How wierd is that!! Its really easy to do. Remember no points for guessing the gender thats a freebie!
We'd love to hear from you!


Audrey said...

Ahhhhh...ok the first one I put in on the guessing thing is a mess up...I accidently clicked just look at the second one...i didnt know how to fix it!!! praying for you guys! heath, did you get my email??

Tam said...

So we made a few mistakes as well , I had to make two guesses because if you have the kids 12 hours apart- yikes! And Ter accidently changed the thing to girl. What a surprise that would be. Anyway that was fun.

Julia Di Francesco said...

Heather what a fun game, it will be exciting to see who guesses right and or gets close to the actually day, weigh and time!

Praying for the boys.
love you lots

DavenHeather said...

ok i fixed the screw ups. audge you didn't enter a guess for baby b.. thanks for playing our game guys. we were really excited!!

Kristina said...

um, so I have no Idea how long babies are when they are born.....but Im pretty confident about the other guesses, IM going to win!!!!!

Angel said...

Hey Heather
I made a mistake too...darn...I have two separate dates. I meant to make them both on the 6th not on the 9th.


This was fun! I noticed that we had simiar times...Weird!

Monica said...

I hope Dave is giving you all the tummmy rubs I tell him too. And Baby A, you've got too listen to Grandma now and turn around.

I'm not sure I'm technically inclined enough to play the baby game. I wouldn't mind them being born on my birthday or father's day would be nice too.

love Mom

Reesh said...

My guesses were for early delivery and small babies. This is not because this is what I want for you, trust me, I want you to have full term, healthy babies, naturally. I just noticed that nobody else had guesses outside the box, so I thought I would cover that.


lagiulia said...

I hope your Baby A turns! But most of all I hope for a safe delivery, with the outcome being healthy, precious baby boys. I didn't want a c-sec, but I recovered extremely quickly if that's any consolation. I'm so excited for you! My twin boys just keep getting cuter and dearer to me... you have so much to look forward to!