Monday, May 29, 2006

this week..

i have a few minutes before i need to get going and spent some time reading comments you all have made since we entered the hospital 10 days ago. maybe its the craziness of this all but i was so overwhelmed by your beautiful thoughts and was sitting here having a good cry. thank you for making us a part of your life and for reading. a special thanks to JB a few posts down it was just what i needed to hear.
well my most fabulous husband has left to go back to work. having him leave last night was incredibly hard as he has been my rock and been the best friend i could have ever asked for. watching him hold, kiss, change and love on our boys has brought me to tears so many times. his gentle heart overwhelms me. for those of you who really know him he brings a mellow vibe everywhere he goes and has transferred that to the boys (for now) its lovely to see.
i have family coming a few times this week and dave will be back wed evening and then for the weekend. think of him as leaving the boys was harder on him than he thought.
spoke with the boys doctor yesterday and we are looking at another 7-10 days. they just need to mature and fatten up. they are doing so well and everyone is so pleased with their progress.
i have a cell phone and would love to hear from people. i was not sure how to send an email to all those who would want to know so if you see this and want the number email me (i am guessing only those who have my email would really want to speak to me anyways) it would be nice to hear familur voices. i will check in tonite and get you the number.
love to all of you and again my heart is lifted knowing we are so well taken care of in thoughts and prayers from all of you. we will try to post pics again soon.


Courtney and Sheldon said...

Hey Heather,
Glad to hear things are going well with the boys. :) I'll be praying for you tons... God is with you even when it is tough! I love you .


Monica said...

Hi Heather,

I love how you honour our son. It means alot to me. Just wait until you have to let your sons go. In the meantime i know you'll both be great parents.
Praying for you and Dave and the boys as you are apart from each other for now.

Love, hugs and kisses.
Mom and Grandma

Audrey said...

i talked to ben the other day and he is super excited about dave being a dad! he sends hugs! thanks for updating your blog and filling us in on the boys and you...

Anonymous said...

heather- it has been so great to be able to check your blog and see your beautiful pictures and you as a beautiful mom! i am so happy for you....i would love to talk, so email your number when you have a chance! i am proud of you....i know it must not be easy having to visit your babies in the hospital and not have them with you at all times...and now without dave for a bit....praying for peace and that this time will pass quickly! love, amanda rupp

Angel said... know i want the number
thinking of you SO often!

Anonymous said...

Heather & Dave,

Congradulations & God bless you! I know that this must be a difficult time to be in hospital-but I am confident that the Lord knows best & He sees the big picture! We will be praying for strength for Dave & you & the boys & remember-God will never give you more than you can handle & He will never leave nor forsake you!!

Lynette said...


We are so excited for you and Dave to finally have these little boys. I would love to talk with you, so e-mail me your cell.