Wednesday, May 03, 2006

today i miss most things vancouver. i would like to eat sushi. i would love a good cup of coffee - i am still not under the impression that tim hortons equals great coffee. i miss my friends. i would like to walk up and down the drive with them. i really miss craigslist... man we need a desk and if only we had craigslist we would have desk within minutes. i have not even peeked on craigslist till today and had to exit quite quickly it's still too soon. the wound is too fresh. did i mention i miss my friends..
on a better note this was the after thought of a good prarie storm.
God is in the beautiful details.

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lindsey said...

heather, i totally agree! mmmm sushi! and, i love the pics of your house, it looks beautiful! i am going to come see it as soon as i can!
love you lots