Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the beautiful parts...

before we left vancouver we attended the best prenatal classes ever (if you are or get pregnant check out Birthing From Within) there were many reasons it was amazing but i learned so much about me and my inner journey. we explored fear and the way we cope with every day life. there was one evening where we broke into male/female groups and as females we uncovered our deepest question.. its a really neat excercise meant to have you really dig deep to discover what might be holding you back. out of this time my question took on many shapes and what i got out of it is.. How am I surrendering to each moment? this has always been huge for me as i tend to get wrapped up in the how and what and what if of it all. i have really been making concious decisions to bring myself back to that question throughout this pregnancy and it has made a difference in my every day life. in surrendering to the moment i am also gaining valuable insight into what makes pregnancy so beautiful in and around the hard times.
i have been touched by so many of you that stop here to read my thoughts or see my pictures it means so much to me! i have enjoyed the random bloggers stopping to leave comments and giving me more blogs to read. thats another glimmer of the beauty of pregnancy.


Dixie said...

Might I recommend to you a book by Peggy VIncent called "Baby Catcher". It is an AMAZING book chronicling Peggy's years as a midwife.

It is very empowering. THere are good birth stories and not so good birth stories. But they are all SO moving.

Now, having said that, I have had two very different (one 24 hours, one 2 hours) births and both were a lot less painful than I expected, so maybe that's why I can read this book without holding my crotch in fear.

You can read an excerpt for yourself at amazon or on her site "" I think, to see if it's maybe something you'd like to read AFTER you've made it through your own birth.

But either way, it is a must read. I lent it to a friend after I read it and she was done within a few days, just as I had been. One night my husband even came home from work and I said, "can you stir the pasta, I have a prolapsed cord and the paramedics aren't listening to her b/c she's just a midwife... and... and!!!!" Very moving. Very funny. And very empowering.

DavenHeather said...

we think alike. i too loved the book and have lent it out numerous times. you are right about it being empowering which is exactly what birth should be. having attended a few births now i feel more empowered as well and look forward to catching my own little ones.. thanks for your comments and for being a good blogger to read looking forward to hearing number 3's story.

Reesh said...

It is great reading so many women's blogs who are enjoying their pregnancies and looking forward to the labour. This is the most amazing thing that will ever happen to our bodies, it would be such a shame if we didn't enjoy it.

You are looking awesome by the way, and the pictures are so beautiful. One thing I did regret was not doing a cast of my belly when I was pregnant. I think I would love to put it on now that I'm not pregnant so I could really remember what it was like.

Anonymous said...

Heather! I love you! You're like as tall lying down as you are standing up! Talk about bulldozing. You are both in my prayers. Love Benjamin.

Rach said...

Hi Guys,
You both look fantastic. Congrats on the house, I'm sure you'll both be very happy in Winnipeg. You both look great (i checked out the entire blog site - awesome pictures). It was nice talking to you on the phone Dave - I've got your number I'll give you a call when we're there. Let me know if there's anything that you still need for your boys, we'll try to help out.

Again... CONGRATS on everything! You two look really happy and healthy. I wish you an easy, save delivery - you'll be in our prayers.