Thursday, April 06, 2006

going the distance

yes all we are still alive and kicking. its been a hectic few weeks but we have made it to our final destination and are spending most days and evenings fixing up our new house. which by the way WE LOVE. we are one coat away from being finished painting and have already assembled a few pieces of furniture with a few left to go. we are hoping to be sleeping there tommorow night - just in time for the weekend.
lets see where did we leave off....
our final week in vancouver was sad but filled with lots of good memories. we had dinners with friends, good last coffee dates, we went for our final brittania sushi lunch with audrey which was very special as she agreed to be our boys godmother and that really blessed us. we had a lovely going away party with all our friends, an emotional sending off time at our last staff meeting where people blessed us with words and gifts that mean so much, we packed and packed and had the generous help of numerous people (thank you!) our last day was gorgous - sunny and warm. we packed up with the help of many and as we turned the corner onto 12th for the last time i lost any composure i may have been holding on to and the reality of leaving the last amazing three years caught up with me. we said our goodbyes (which were HARD) and headed off - up and through the mountains and down into the praries where when we crossed into manitoba felt a huge sense of peace even though leaving vancouver was hard we still feel that this move is whats best for us and our growing family.
so this week has been busy painting, moving in, unpacking and getting adjusted to a slower paced life. its been great to stay with my parents who have been so generous. we got to meet our midwife - whom WE LOVE! she is so fabulous. i'm excited to have her there as we meet our boys. we will have a consult in wpg soon with the OB who will be there when we deliver. our midwife suggested to have a consult with a doctor who might attempt a vaginal birth with twins here locally (remember we are pretty rural here) so we thought we would give that a try. we'll just say it was a compete waste of time... here are some highlights.
"so.. do you know about twins? you know that a lot more complications come with delivering them.. like one of them could die!"
"yeah so i am the ONLY one here who will do a vaginal birth but everyone else will gladly do ceasearans so if you want to set that up we can do that."
"oh my vacation is the first half of june."
oh great thanks for all the uplifting information i think we'll go somewhere else. but thanks.
It was kind of comical now that i look at it. I am looking forward to meeting a much more advanced thinking doctor. It's really amazing the difference between a doctor and a midwife. we'll definitly stick with the midwife.
i think you are all up to date. next time i will have pics to post and more news as well.
thanks for sticking with it. i know how frusterating it is to check a blog over and over and over and never see a new post. thanks for your patience.
you are loved.


Julia Di Francesco said...

I have to omit it I was one who was checking your blog over and over again to see if there was something new. So glad to hear that you guys are safe and doing great.
Love you!

Reesh said...

Yes do send new belly shots!! and stick with the midwife, that doc sounds like he's not that interested anyways! Glad your move went well.

jacqui said...

it's been fun to hear the updates on your move ... good to hear you are all safe and sound. today at base intercession we prayed for you all, and i don't have your email and no one is around who does, so i'll leave what we prayed here ...
we thanked God for all that you both invested here, and for a smooth transition for you.
pam prayed for heather to be able to rest and leigh prayed for dave to be blessed as he makes a home for your family.

Monica said...

Just called your parents. No answer you must all be at the house painting.
Give us a call. soon.
Love Mom
p.s. a belly rub for the babies

ev said...

you guys need to call me so that i can get your new phone number. talk to you soon. i love you!!

j. oates said...

hey glad to hear you are home now and feeling at peace.
ps. i'm going for another ultrasound on wednesday.
you are very missed

Audrey said...

uhhhhh...i miss you so much heather and heart hurts! i love all four of you!!!


Angel said...

we miss you so so glad that the move in is going well. Please send us pictures when you can! We'd love to see them!

Thinking of you...lots

Lydia said...

i'm so glad you made it there safely. i can imagine how hard it must have been to say goodbye.

you'll have to take pics of the new place, once everything's in place.

SO glad you found a good midwife!!!

can't wait to talk to you guys!!

love you xoxo

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Manitoba! I know you guys live pretty far out there, but if you're ever in the city, I would love to see you while I'm still here.