Tuesday, April 11, 2006

no need to worry

yes it looks as if pregnancy has changed my color completely but its only the camera doing the trick on my 30 week picture to the left. please don't be alarmed the water here is not bad or anything...
havn't given many updates on pregnancy lately so i figured its about time. i am well my belly is growing bigger and bigger when i last saw my midwife (last tues) i was measuring 38cm. you usually measure according to what week you are in pregnancy so you can tell that makes me BIG and looking like a woman about to give birth to one baby. its hard to imagine sometimes that i have two months to go wondering where they will fit and how on earth i will be comfortable. my feet are about double their size and even my legs are swelling. all those nice maternity clothes i bought are just barely holding on..
this saturday we have our consult with our OB in Wpg which will hopefully be a better experience than this last meeting. my midwife has worked with him and speaks highly of him and his attitude towards vaginal twin births which is wonderful. i am about ready for some good news in that regards.
i am excited to meet these boys and do relish in the miracle working inside my body every day. i don't take it for granted and can be thankful for all of this as long as my boys are healthy and doing well.
anyways that is about all. we are all doing well. dave works long hours - leaves the house at 7:30 and doesn't get home till 6:00 so that has been an adjustment but he is enjoying it as i am enjoying puttering around the house. i am missing the familur friendships i had, not sure how to seek people out or if maybe too much time has passed and the time apart has lost something. i hope not maybe its just an adjustment period for everyone involved.
must go - hungry again.. seems to be all i do eat, sleep, pee... the never ending cycle!


Nova said...

wow, heather... it sounds like you're keeping good spirits for how much your body is changing! thank you for the updates and pictures. it's fantastic being able to be a part of this journey (cyberly) with you!

Julia Di Francesco said...

Hopefully the last two months will fly by and if not once those boys are here it will feel like the whole nine months was a breeze

Enjoy the time by yourself before the boys come!

Lydia said...


Sounds like you are hanging in there!! I look forward to hearing a good report about the OB. My mom had Ju and Ev the "regular" way and that was 21 years ago... so not sure why it would be harder now. (but we all know I'm not the baby expert... I'm the spoiling auntie expert) :)

love you lots,
lydia :)

mathewandcarly said...

you look great!! so glad that the moving went so well and that you do have some time for yourself before the busy-ness of the boys comes along. really, enjoy this time, even tho you may be bored sometimes. i'm sure you won't have time to be bored in a couple months!!!
love you!