Tuesday, January 08, 2013

phone dump

Randoms from the past couple weeks.

We are potty training and to be honest the only thing getting me through is THIS IS THE LAST TIME! This guy is so smart and honestly this is not going very well... I am in no rush though either so I guess I just need to get over it....

Worthy - it's turning out to be a great word and has had me learning new things about myself and just helped me turn my negatives into positives.

This is also happening around here = chaos! It's going to be amazing when it's done and the little that has been done has made a DRASTIC difference. It's so much brighter already!

this one this week. I am beyond blessed to be near to her. My heart is full. She is beautiful, gracious, loving, caring, forgiving and just amazing. Here's to many more.

Best present. The stallion loves me so much. I LOVE her.

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The Nilsen's Journey said...

Thanks for the quick catch up! Hugs! Us too! J potty training - he can, he just doesn't. Today I decided, he will. Here we go! Hugs!