Sunday, January 20, 2013


I have been struggling with what to do with this little ole space.. I often have lots to say but am worried about how I say things and how people interpret them.. So I am trying to wade through those deep dark waters. But for now I came upon something I can really take part of. I am going to try a new photo project... The 365 ones seem to daunting to me but taking a portrait of my kids each week seems like something I can do. So I will take a candid shot of my small stallions once per week and at the end I will have an awesome way to see how they grew and changed in 2013. They change so quickly so I think this will be a neat way to track it. You can read more about the inspiration behind this at
Che & Fidel

So I will be back tomorrow with last week which would be 3/52 and continue on from there... I may go back on my phone and catch up but we'll see. I'm ok with letting it just be what it is...

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Budilian said...

I like this idea. Sometimes I feel like life is passing by too quickly. This is certainly less daunting.