Thursday, January 24, 2013


thank you to those of you who took time to reach out after my last blog post.. hitting publish on that song was super terrifying. I just got off the phone with my dearest friend in Vancouver who brought my song to Don & Gwen and shared it with them. it's amazing what happens when you listen and DO the things you are meant to do even when they are scary.

this has all made me extra reflective. thinking about death and grief. learning how to let go and say goodbye. it's awful. a wise friend said to me it's the thing of being present for the pain to be present for the joy... I sat on my couch this afternoon covered in a blanket watching a storm come in... I had my ear pressed tight to the phone as I listened to her share about their sweet fragrant, awful, inspiring, painful visit... they went to say goodbye - to receive the blessing from a man who saw them.. who looked right into your face when you had a conversation and refused to look away.. he saw the good in people when they didn't know it was there yet... I waiver between feelings of sadness for myself and feelings of sadness for my dear friends... that's part of community... feeling deeply on behalf of those you love. I'd never give that up.

the journey is the best part. i hope I never fully arrive... until I've passed over. i wanna keep going, keep learning, keep loving. no matter what.


Carmelle said...

Heather, I didn't realize it was you singing in the previous post. It was beautiful. I shared it with a friend who needed it and appreciated it so very much.

The veil between us & eternity is so thin...
May the very real presence & peace of the Lord minister to your souls during this journey.

valerie said...

I had no idea. Your gift was amazing. Such a blessing. Beautiful. Love you and so sorry for the pain you and your friends are going through :(