Saturday, July 03, 2010

way to far behind...

I am so far behind with blogging. I have so much I want to share with you but feel no motivation.. I know I know I just had a baby and I need to go easy on myself. I love blogging and like documenting life. I just wish I had more time.. So here goes an overview of June - in pictures and some words...

N & A got kites for their birthday and we have spent time in the backyard flying them. They love it and it's something they always ask to do when they see the wind in the trees.

Grandma D was here.. lets just say she flew in when we needed her most and that goes a long way. While I was in between leaking fluid, bed rest and having Jett she was here. It was huge for us to be able to not worry about plans for N & A and just have her help us with cooking, cleaning and being a great playmate. She did lots of crafting and baking with the boys.

There was the infamous tour of the new fire hall which they boys have been waiting forever for. I could not go but they went and had a GREAT time. Sitting in a fire truck for a 4 year old must feel like winning the lottery.

After having to put off their first birthday party - it was to happen the day my water broke. We finally had it the weekend before Jett came. I was on the couch but we geared the plans down and had family and close friends over for a great party! The boys loved it and we had a great time. Seeing Ari get his front end loader was the highlight.. he was so happy!

We got a sandbox back in May and it has provided hours of fun. They love it!

They passed Sunday school - and got certificates. They even sang in front of church. It was awesome.

One of the best things my dad ever spent money on was this pool. The boys love spending hot afternoon here and it's made even sweeter when cousins and papa get in on the action.

We celebrated Father's Day and this guy! He really is the best. How handsome are all these boys?? Melts me.

And then there's this guy. The third greatest thing we've ever done.


Holly said...

i loooooove your blog and whenever you have time/feel like updating is fine with me! i'm just happy i get to know what's going on with you and your cute family :)

kelly ens said...

sounds absolutely fantastic :)

carol said...

Looks like things are moving along just fine! Enjoy!

valerie said...

love that you blogged again. I miss it when you don't :) Sounds like things are flying along just fine at the Difrancesco take care of yourself, my friend.

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Looks like a great June! Great pictures! Aren't the littles so gifted with a passion for life?

Bob said...

What a great "overview"!!

Thank you!