Friday, July 23, 2010


So I find when I blog about myself people comment but when it's about kids I get no loving.. so I guess me it is :)
Weight = 150.


Holly said...

woo! just remember it's not all about weight, cuz you're gonna be gaining muscle, so take notice of how much better your clothes will be fitting too :)

carol said...

That's awesome! It's true that it shouldn't be all about the numbers but it sure feels awesome when the number is smaller! Keep it up!

valerie said...

Woohoo!! Did you take your measurements? You should definitely do that as well :) And I gave you love for your children as well ;)

Monica Di Francesco said...

I hope you do still blog about those kids. They are my grandchildren and one way I get an update of you and some pics.

I'm sure people enjoy those blogs too. How can they not love those faces, all of them.

We just don't always write what we should.


Amanda said...


Lisa said...

just wear that skirt. :)

(proud of you - keep going!)