Tuesday, July 13, 2010

on having three

Its hard to believe that Jett has been here for 5 weeks... it seems he just fits right in. I have been in awe of how the third child just fits in.. there is no handling with care, staying home and endless cuddles. life goes on. there are two more who need handling (some days nice some days not), two others who need cuddling, feeding and all the other things that come with having kids. the third one is along for the ride.

It's been an adjustment learning how to exist on no sleep, being a constant feeding machine and learning to just let go of some of the things on each day's to do list. Some days the dust piles up, the laundry stays in the basket and the bathroom floor turns yellow (I have boys!!)
Its interesting cause I feel I become more and more me.. or at least the person I want to be. Not the uptight in control person I figured I was. I am learning to let go and live.

Of course I have my days where I would much rather just curl up and sleep or days where the mess in my house drives me crazy. I often pass off all children to Dave when he gets home and lock myself in a closet. I am no where near the point where I could be full time stay at home mom but I am entering a phase where I am looking forward to this year at home and learning more about myself and my kiddo's...

Cause I just need to face it we make good people!
and if you need proof check THIS out.


Holly said...

that is a very important lesson to learn! (to not care as much about being in control) i learned that not too long ago and it makes a BIG difference!!

Lisa said...

Ah yes, motherhood. What beautiful craziness.

Jett, you ARE grand! And it's neat to see how you fit right in with the rest of those Stallions and your awesome mum.