Wednesday, July 07, 2010

one month

well Jett you have been here for one month. hard to believe that sunday was my due date and here you are so a part of our lives it's hard to imagine you still being inside. you are a good boy.. you eat, sleep and poop. your pretty consistent. you were weighed on monday and came in at a whopping 8lbs 5oz. Whoa.

Thanks to a friend I was sent these awesome patches to document Jett's progress each month. They are super cute. Each one has an adhesive strip on the back and can be attached to anything and then removed. You can even scrapbook it or place it an album when you are done. They come in some great colors. I am looking forward to tracking his progress and this makes it easy.


Julia Di Francesco said...

so cute! hug and kisses from us.

carly smith said...

just getting caught up on my blog reading.....gearing up to get caught up on my blog writing. :) i can't believe jett's a month old already! what a precious and prayed for little punkin. hope you have a fantastic day with all three....wait-four boys :)