Thursday, November 15, 2007

stink and other stuff...

this week has been good, bad, up, down and eventful. it was nice for dave to have monday off and we got a lot accomplished. he went to help the guys at the house which was so good for him. he talked about how good it was for him the rest of the day... he's like that its good for his soul to do stuff with his hands... speaking of the house went there yesterday and they have all the walls up, the house is shingled. its crazy to see the interior walls up and really see what each room will look like. i love it!
the boys have been teething something fierce. its painful to watch. they have bad diarrhea which is gross and really getting on my nerves. i have changed Noah four times since 1am and its only 9:30. i have finally given in to pedialyte to make sure they don't get dehydrated.
i have no vehicle today so it will be a lay low kind of day which i think they might like. we have been busy pretty much every morning this week. all good stuff mind you but its nice to have time to just sit around in sweats and play!!
tuesday was eventful and i was unsure if i wanted to share or not but here goes anyways... around 4:45 ari had an "episode" really not sure what it was or even how it started. it lasted about 20 minutes and when dave got him we took him to the Urgent Care Clinic where they referred to us to Emergency to check if he had some kind of mild seizure. After seeing the worlds worst doctor I am pretty sure it wasn't a seizure but maybe something that was affecting his stomach and he was unable to handle or deal with the pain. it was scary. i have realized something that has in a way liberated me and my motherhood. it was one of the first times that i clearly understood my place in his life. i knew that something was wrong. i could see it all over his face and his body language... i knew inside that there was something not right. and thankfully he seems fine and is back to normal (other than massive amounts of poop - which did i mention is getting really irritating)
in other news we are about to enter unchartered territory in the mess we began when we separated our kids to "teach" they to sleep better.. Ari loves his playpen.. he sleep there for naps and for night situated right next to the washing machine in our laundry room.. well tonight he will be placed in his crib in the same room as Noah in the hopes that they will readjust to being back together again... part of me feels like we are going to be sorry. But the laundry room is not working anymore and although we did build our new house with three rooms upstairs we would really like them to share a room for as long as they will have it. anyone have any experience with the adjustment of going into sharing a room?? positive thoughts sent our way for the next couple nights greatly appreciated.
and last but not least i want to wish Marcy a happy birthday today! thanks for the inspiration and friendship you have granted me this past year. it all makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

So i better come prepared for alot of poop tomorrow while i am babysitting hey?!?

kelly said...

yikes - poor boys! poor heather!!!

Marcy said...

Ahhh. Heather! Thanks! You're a sweetie!

Ellen said...

well I don't really have any advice on two sharing a room, but just wanted to let you know that I'm enduring the same thing, except with my 2 yr old and 2 month old! We have a two bedroom house and my kids share a room.. it's hard not to spoil my newborn and just let her join me all the time, but I know they need to learn to sleep in the same room with each other before too long!