Thursday, November 29, 2007

its getting closer..

insert jaws theme song here. daily our new house goes under big changes. already these pics are out of date and they were taken last week. the inside is drywalled and we should have hydro by today, all the windows and doors are in and i have finally finished picking pretty much everything that will go inside other than paint colours.. oh benjamin moore why do you do this to me... i have been uploading recent pics HERE. go see them its exciting.


jamie said...

Wow the house looks great Heather! You must be so excited!

I know.....svu was intense - how great was el/liv's hug at the end too! I loved that... I totally thought Kathy was going to die, that would have been interesting! Maybe they'll make the baby's middle name oliver...that would be cute :)

Dixie said...

NO FAIR! Marc and I just realized last night that in a few days it will be 6 months since we moved into our house.

I bet you'll have a new house built and moved into before we get completely unpacked.

But I'm really happy for you that it's going so well!!

Gina said...

Did you decide on painters yet? Ours just finished up and they did an excellent job.
Love all the house pics.

tammy said...

Can't believe how far it is already!! Have fun picking your paint colors!