Tuesday, November 27, 2007

better late than never..

i feel as though life gets away from me sometimes.. heres to Ari & Noah who celebrated 18 months last week... somedays if i allow myself to look back it seems it happened so fast... i still feel a bit in the stage where looking back isn't as healthy as it could be but I am learning to celebrate how far we have come and how good my little guys really are. I am blessed and happy that they are mine and I can celebrate them and all they are each day.
They had their checkups yesterday and she was happy with them and where they are at. They have skyrocketed in percentiles since there last visit. Noah weighs 27.8lbs and Ari is sitting at 26.1lbs remembering that his diarrhea has been much worse. Noah went into the 70th percentile from the 20th and Ari into the 60th. They are both 77cm. She was happy with there development although there speech is a bit behind but its likely because they are twins. They definitely communicate with each other and understand commands. They are super good with signs and I just need to be really intentional about speaking out all things I am doing with them. I am working really hard not to compare them to other kids and wonder whats wrong.. all things are good.
So to my sweeties.. Ari may you continue to search high and low for excellence. May you pursue things whole heartedly not looking back. I hope you learn gentleness especially towards your brother and may you take his rubbing your back as a sign of love not loathing.... I love you and your enthusiasm for life. Noah may you always remain soft and aware of all that goes on around you. I encourage the gentle spirit you have and hope that it stays tender. I love cuddling with you and speaking from experience I know that someday your future wife will too... I know sometimes you must feel picked on by your brother but I am proud that you continue to display your love for others by being sweet.
I love you both and am definitely blessed with a double portion. My hope is that I would continue to nurture and encourage the things that cause you to thrive. May you never feel in the others shadow but always feel you are unique and special because you are you!


anita said...

you write so beautifully Heather. tfs! your boys are adorable! (any good MCC finds?) ;)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome tribute to your boys/what amazing boys you have!!! Let me know when you need some time out again!!!

Eva said...

I agree with Anita, beautiful post! You have such a way with words. Congrats on 18 months! :)

valerie said...

Had me in tears - love how honest and hopeful (!) you are in your writing. thank you.

Audrey said...

i really love the new design on your blog, wow!