Tuesday, November 13, 2007


oooh it looks like a house... yep they have been cruising the last couple weeks. this morning when i drove by the shingles were going up. anyways here are some more pictures. i get so excited whenever i visit the house. still hard to believe that it will be our new home.
in order from left to right...
pic 1: taken friday afternoon from the front
pic 2: taken friday afternoon from the street (street sign is up and the bay is paved)
oops pic 3: should actually be the last pic taken monday afternoon.
pic 4: garage on friday afternoon
pic 5: the view from the landing to my kitchen/dining room
pic 6: the front of the house on friday afternoon.
(click on collage to see bigger pics)


tammy said...

It's coming along so fast! So happy for you!

The Stiffs said...

Oh, how exciting! Can't wait to see you IN it.

Lisa said...

please tell me who that HOT carpenter is that's working on your house. I want his number.

Lydia said...

wow!!! super exciting! glad it's coming along quickly.

Eva said...

So exciting, Heather! We were going for a drive the other day and I think we saw it.

marcy said...

yay!!! Now with a street sign I should have much better luck finding it! LOL

kelly said...

wow - that is SOOO exciting! Yay new house! :)
love your new blogger header too!