Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Bisnonna

its been a whirlwind couple of days. at 12:30pm on Saturday Dave's Grandma took her last breath. her death didn't come as a complete shock.. she had been suffering for awhile now. we spent an hour or so weighing all our options.. does dave go alone, do we go without kids, does he take one, or do we all go.. we made the decision after checking on flights (which we got an amazing deal on) that we would all go. dave really wanted us all to go. so we left here early sunday morning with a trip to winnipeg where we valet parked our van loaded ALL our stuff.. we are talking two car seats, playepen, strollers, suitcases and of course the babies... and boarded the plane to Hamilton. it went really well.. i was shocked and amazed at how well they were on the plane. sunday was tough on the boys as naps were pretty much non existant and they had been up early. they were overwhelmed with many new people and didn't take well to that. by the time we got them to bed that night it was 8:30 and wouldn't you believe it they slept ALL night and were up at 8:30 the next day. what wonderful sleep!!
monday was a good day... yummy breakfast, good time spent with family, a little shopping trip with lydia and julia to the mall where i found the boys black shirts (finally - thanks h&m). One of the highlights for me was getting to go to our absolute faveorite restaurant ever Sappuro's Japenese All you can eat sushi extravaganza... oh my!!! i can't even begin to tell you the sensory overload i enjoy there. and what better than to be surrounded by family and our good friends Morgan and Martha (who are basically family). Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for watching the boys!
Yesterday was the funeral and although it was difficult for me to concentrate with chasing the boys around in the back it was a lovely service. The boys did well (as everyone told me). I had a difficult time when we got to the graveyard for Grandmas buriel. I had a hard time with the boys who were getting a bit out of hand.. I missed the entire thing while chasing Ari and watching Noah face plant down some pavement (while i thought dave was watching him and he thought i was watching him) As I scooped up my little guy and dug rocks out of his mouth i was overwhelmed with sadness of the idea of buriel and all that meant. I know she wasn't my grandma but still the effect of her life touches mine and I never really got to say goodbye.
The flight home was good as well... a bit tough as the boys were tired but I was happy those around us were still in love with the boys when we landed exclaiming how cute they were and how good they had been. Highlight of the trip home was when we got to the airport and we were standing in line waiting to pay for parking and some random stranger gave my 17 month old a sucker and even went so far as to unwrap it and give him his first taste of the sweetest thing since breast milk. thanks mister.
We got lots of great photos and for those in Ontario who would like to see them or anyone else for that matter here is a sneak peek.

I uploaded them all to a Picasa Web Album and you can view them all HERE.
Next post will be an update on our house which is going up so fast.
Oh and by the way Its good to be back.


Evelyn said...

great pics!
i'm really glad that you decided to come and that you brought the boys with you. even though it was a quick trip i feel like we all had some good quality time!

Lydia said...

It was great to see you, Dave and the boys. We will definitely have to hit up the Japanese place again - what a great find!!

Shopping was super fun too. I hope those black t-shirts last a long time.

Love you!!

Audge said...

wow heath, your house is going to be ready before you know it. i am so happy for you guys! and i miss the boys too much....

Lyd said...

ps. Thanks for posting the photos. They are great!

Bob said...

I'm so glad you and the 'little gaffers' came!

Great pix!

Dad / Abuelo

kelly said...

Sorry to hear about your loss..